Get Organized

Save soft copies for all your medical photos and documents. Access them anywhere and anytime.

Save Time

Easy camera modes for various shooting environments. No need to set up your camera every time.

Share Time

Share your medical photos with your colleges or students using all share-supporting applications on your smartphone.

What is X-DOC?

We understand you most of the time need to document and archive your patients’ scans, whether to share it with your colleges, your students or even with your patient, we also understand it would be very useful to take a couple of photos during an operation for future use or reference.

Yet, if you have been in such a need before then you know it is not that easy, every time you have to set up either the room lights or your camera setting to take a proper medical photo.

And even if you could manage to take a proper photo, then you would have to manually archive it in some place other than your personal phone gallery, because nobody wants a photo full of blood next to their kids’ photos. It is not even a bit professional.

We now offer you a very simple solution to all these problems, through XDOC™, you can access THREE different camera modes, suitable for all medical environments, and you can archive them properly using custom developed medical criteria

Perfect capturing, easy documentation and simple recalling of pictures

Choose Environment

X-DOC is equipped with three different shooting environments suitable for documenting CLINICAL PRESENTATIONS, different SCANS and OPERATIONS photos.

Assign Medical Tags

You can assign different medical criteria to each DOC. We made sure you have the most frequently used topics as your saving criteria, and you also can add your own NOTES.

Access DOCs Gallery

X-DOC gallery includes various filtering options, you can choose among different BASIC and ADVANCED filters to ensure your easy access to the DOC you seek.